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Welcome to the Velvet Love Box site.

Keep up with the Box via our schedule page or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. For booking, email us at velvetlovebox@gmail.com . Hope to see you soon! - Neil

With the new year in and the holidays behind us, VLB will be looking at some much deserved R&R in the month of February. We'll kick back in to high gear in March, so check out the calendar and come catch a show before and after vacation. It could be an interesting comparison. You know, or just come to whatever shows you want to.

Other projects
We have a few off' days marked on the calendar as we are making some time for side projects. We've all been been busy recording and performing with various artists for a while now, you know...idle hands and whatnot. You can catch Brandon and Neil with Spyderpop recording artist Lannie Flowers. In addition, you can find the occasional Bit O the Box show featuring 2/3 of the band in an informal acoustic setting. Usually Neil and Brandon, but the "stage right" version of Neil and Scot may pop up here and there. Follow the links to see and hear more about these endeavors or check for a list of shows below, and of course we look forward to seeing you at a VLB show soon!

Upcoming extra-curricular activity:

Sat 6/01 - Lannie Flowers Band @ The High Watt (Spyderpop Records showcase) - Nashville, TN

Talk to the Box
Follow us on facbook and twitter for the latest information. For info and booking, contact Neil Schnell - velvetlovebox@gmail.com or 817-266-3475

"What happened to Thursdays?"
While Thursday nights at Broncos were a cornerstone of Velvet Love Box for 16 years, we decided to bring our house gig to a close. With our increasing activities in side projects, as well as other current and future commitments, holding down a weekly show isn't as feasible as it once was. Thanks to all who came out on Thursdays for so many years, it was a great time and a great tradition. We still frequent our "home" bar on some weekend nights, so be sure to check the schedule page for upcoming dates and we hope to see you soon!

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